Use of self as an essential ingredient of Self Development Work and Counselling & Psychotherapy Training and Learning


Questions to ask yourself at the start of a training/learning session or workshop

  • How valuable an experience do you plan this to be?


The interesting part of this question for me is the way it asks me what I ‘plan’ for the experience. Had I even thought about that? ….and is it possible that somewhere in my ‘script’ I could set up something negative, out of my awareness, in relation to training and learning experiences? Am I dismissive, thinking ‘I already know all this stuff’ Or am I thinking ‘I really want to be open to getting a good experience here’


  • How engaged and active do you plan to be?


The planning bit again, invites me to think about my engagement and active-ness. How do I feel about that? Hmmm. It might involve taking a risk somehow…. Am I willing to do that? What might get in my way? What will help me?


  • How much are you up for a positive challenge?


What do you mean by challenge!? I think so….This is really getting me thinking about what I put into my learning and training experiences!


  • How interested are you in the quality of the experience of others?


I’m not sure that I’d really thought about that up until now…I wonder what other people say. ..


  • What might you need in order to shift on the scale?


Really worthwhile to spend a bit of time reflecting and working out what would make that difference for you

(Questions developed by Rosemary Napper. 2016)

When I begin training with people I ask these questions at the start, to invite the people who are training with me to really think about the quality of the experience they want, what might be around, at a psychological level, that could get in the way, and what they are willing to put in to get something really valuable, mutual and enjoyable.