Thrive not Survive

Being able to say that one is a survivor is an accomplishment. For many, the power is in the name itself’ (Clarissa Pinkola Estès) Issues of personal power are interesting me at the moment.  Pinkola Estès goes on to reflect that in making survivorship central to our story, to our ‘soul identity’ we can  cut […]

10 Things To Consider When Working with Vulnerable Clients

  What do we mean by ‘vulnerable’? Here’s the official definition – The term ‘adult at risk’ replaces the term ‘vulnerable adult’ within national Safeguarding Adult Partnership multi-agency procedures, as it is thought to be more respectful to those to whom it refers. An adult at risk is described as an individual, aged 18 years [...]

Lifescript and Learning

Thinking about what we bring with us as adults going into new training and learning, it has to be important to consider historic negative learning experiences, which can leave deep, and often unattended, out of awareness psychological wounds, that become self-limiting. A stand out for me was when I was 12 and my maths teacher [...]

Thinking About Neuroscience & Learning

I am struck by how inextricably my learning experience and that of people I have spoken to, learned with and taught, is linked to emotion. When I speak to people about their learning experiences they seem to immediately connect with the highs and lows, the truly wonderful and transformational, and also the crushing and cruel. [...]

Finding the Place – Bev Gibbons & Nicole Kabisch

Difficult, stressful, and traumatic things happen to therapists too. How do we find the place, in ourselves, in work, to account for the change, and maintain clinical boundaries during and after such experiences. Looking backwards, to our last contact with clients before our experience, may seem a life time ago, when we were different people. [...]