Training Room

The fundamental principle of Transactional Analysis is one of respect and acceptance of self and other as human beings, as people who meet on eye level as equals. This is what drew me to TA, I work at living this way and it has been transforming for me, and for the people I work with and teach.
I love the everyday-ness of these drinks mats. It’s that every day-ness of I’m OK with me and You’re OK with me that changes lives.

Comments on the rooms include that they are spacious, light, fresh, quiet, well-equipped and comfy, and an inviting space to work in, with a good energy and atmosphere. The chakra pictures are a nod to the importance of self-knowing through body as well as mind

The space houses many objects that have meaning for me personally, and that can trigger ideas and curiosity in the people who come into it. Phrenology was invented in the 18th Century and used measurements of the human skull to determine personality and character based on the concept that the brain is the organ of the mind, and that certain brain areas have localized, specific functions or modules.
The hat relates to the different hats we all wear in the different roles in our lives, and the cross section of the tree is another way of thinking about all the layers of the child ego state.

Stay curious – for me a way to live which helps me to keep learning and growing and not get stuck for too long!

Nature also inside, represented in many different ways – a holly tree that died and became a coat stand; a pile of flat stones from the shoreline that I see as layers of self, solid and with movement; snail and acorns – take time to grow and develop something amazing.

Things to pick up, feel, explore and play with: Russian dolls are very meaningful to me in my work. As a clinical supervisor I see myself as wrapping lightly and solidly around my supervisees, and their client, who is at the centre. Around me is my supervision, my peers, the TA community and my professional organisations. As adult learners we bring so much with us into any new learning, which has to find its place in our layers, maybe changing some or all of them.

You will also find ideas, energies and objects from different places and cultures, represented in objects and images and symbols around the space – Ganesh, the Hindu elephant God of new beginnings and remover of obstacles; Indalo, the symbol of Almeria in Spain, which represents a figure from legend who could hold and carry a rainbow in his hands; a Chinese Qilin, a mythical creature who is a gentle protector;