Training Overview

Here at Shoreline you can begin a TA journey. You may decide to take a few steps at first, beginning with a TA 101, or with a focussed seminar or workshop, and then you can decide what next. The length and design of your journey is up to you. To become a CTA takes a minimum of 4 years of training and supervision on your work, with psychotherapy that also includes 4 years of personal therapy. However there are a range of paths in between the start of your TA journey and becoming a fully qualified TA practitioner. It’s your choice, click here to see our upcoming events or click “events” on the menu above

Positive learning experiences can be literally life-changing in a range of positive ways, and we can also experience deep psychological wounds, that become self-limiting, as a result of negative learning experiences.

Neuroscientists have now explained why this is true. It turns out that positive emotions during learning trigger the release of neurotransmitters which aid in information processing, while negative emotions also trigger the release of neurotransmitters but those that block new learning (e.g. fight or flight reactions) Knowles et al (2015:222)

Here at Shoreline this understanding is fundamental in our approach to teaching/training/educating, and is why working together with training course participants to create a positive, affirming, stimulating, fun, creative learning environment is a priority